Arduino Resources

Now that we’ve started to learn Arduino in class, it’s helpful to know where to go if you’re having trouble. There are plenty of excellent online resources that you can check out for help. Below is a collection of some of them. If you have any to add, please feel free.

For all of these resources, it is important to remember that most of you are using the Arduino Leonardo, however the Arduino Uno is still the most common board out there. They are very similar, but there are some differences in the details, and some tutorials may require slight changes in order to work with the Leonardo. Let me know if you’re having trouble and I can tell you if that’s the problem!

Official Arduino




Maker Hubs



Arduino Tutorials:


Arduino Tutorials:

Make Magazine

Arduino Articles:


Arduino Tutorials/Guides:


Oh, right, those things! There are tons of great books on the Arduino, many of which have great examples. Make Magazine has a series of books which are available on O’Reilly (most of which are available for purchase as DRM-free e-books). You can also get a bunch of free e-books through UBC’s Library (I find these less awesome than some of the other books out there, but they’re free, so you can’t really complain).