Traces uses some of the components from Photosynthetics, but reconfigures then for a new space. The piece was installed in a former fruit packing facility in Kelowna as part of the Beyond the Invisible show.

The four hanging fabric pieces are suspended from the 30ft ceilings, connected only to their electrical cables. Each has a corresponding light that is roughly synced with its motion. The shadows take up an entire wall of the warehouse, the wood grain giving the cycles of light around the shadows a fine texture, creating a moving painting in light on the walls.

The effect is simultaneously immense and subtle. The shadows and their light are imposing in their size, but soft in their materiality, or lack thereof. The lights and fabrics shift, but only slowly, remaining in every state for a few minutes before gliding softly to its next position. It would be hard to miss the presence of the work, but if you were to pass through too rapidly, you might miss its motion, its magic.

The work retains its thematic focus on attention and subtle complexity, but in the context of the abandoned warehouse, it gains new meaning.